Kaju Pista Roll
  • Kaju Pista Roll

Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli, will make anyone with a sweet tooth go bonkers. Made with cashew nuts, ghee, and dried fruits this dish adds a special touch to any occasion.

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Kaju Katli, considered to be one of India's favorite treats, will make anyone with a sweet tooth go bonkers. This irresistible delicacy is prepared by soaking cashew nuts in water for a considerable amount of time, followed by grinding them into a smooth paste. The sugar solution is boiled down and then added to the ground cashews. Additionally, ghee, saffron, and dried fruit are also incorporated into the preparation to enhance the overall flavor. The paste will then be spread and flattened evenly before being cut into diamond-shaped pieces. Usually, edible silver foil is added to the pieces to give them an elegant touch. Based on the ingredients used for the paste and the proportions of each, the final sweet can be white or yellow. And it is hard to imagine a special Indian occasion without these delicious treats.

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