Mini Jangiri
  • Mini Jangiri
  • Mini Jangiri

Mini Jangiri

Mini Jangiri is a truly scrumptious treat made with urad dal, saffron and juicy sugar syrup known for its melting sweetness.

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Mini jangiri is a truly scrumptious treat, made with urad dal, saffron, and juicy sugar syrup known for its melting sweetness. A fine batter is made by soaking urad dal in water for several hours and stone-grinding it. The batter is shaped into geometric patterns and fried in ghee or oil. It often has a small ring in the middle. It is necessary to prepare sugar syrup before frying the batter, which is flavored with crushed edible camphor, cloves, cardamom, kewra and saffron. The fried pieces are then dipped in sugar syrup until they swell up and absorb a significant amount of the syrup. Mini jangiri can be served hot, at room temperature, or refrigerated. There is no question that these small delicacies are packed with deliciousness and should definitely not be missed.

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