Sattur Kara Sev


Sattur KaraSev is a good side dish for food and much better combination with coffee.Buy sattur karasev online and get it delivered to your home next day. 

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Sattur Kara Sevu / Kara Sevu / Kara Sev is a spicy and crispy snack that is prepared during festivals. Kara means “spicy hot” and Sevu means fried noodles like "crispy". Sevu or sev is a very common spicy snack in the rural areas of Tamilnadu. Sattur is the native for ever tasty world famous snack Sevu varieties and especially for this Kara Sevu which is a good combination with Chai and even as a side dish for food.

Shelf Life 15 Days
Product Type Veg
Location Sattur, Tamil Nadu
Ingridients Asafoetida, Butter, Crushed Peppercorns, Edible Oil, Garlic Paste, Gram Flour, Refined Flour, Rice Flour, Salt