Thaen Mittai
  • Thaen Mittai

Thaen Mittai

Thean Mittai, Thaen Mittai, Honey Candy, Honey Sugar Candy is a dainty sweet that melts in your mouth. These are popular in the small shops of Tamil Nadu. 

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thaen mittai-weight-200-gms
Product Type Veg
Location Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu
Ingridients Food Color, Oil, Rice, Sugar, Whole Urad Dal
Shelf Life 5 Days

Thaen Mittai, Thean Mittai, Honey Candy, Honey Sugar Candy, is a sweet made with sugar syrup,  rice, and urad dal. Thean Mittai was the best sweet of our childhood days. “Thaen” means honey, and “Mittai” means sweet. Thaen Mittai known as Honey Candy but honey is not used in preparation because of the sweetness it carries. These are finger-licking desserts that everyone will love them.

Delicious thaen mittai

our 90's kids fav thaen mittai is very delicious and packing was so good. Fast Delivery

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