Nagercoil Jackfruit Chips
  • Nagercoil Jackfruit Chips

Nagercoil Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit Chips is one of the popular snack foods in Nagercoil. Made by deep frying half-ripe flesh of the jackfruit in oil that makes crunchiness. Nagercoil Jackfruit Chips are a very tasty, crispy, and healthy snack.

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Ingridients Edible Coconut Oil, Raw Jackfruit, Salted Water (Brine), Turmeric Powder
Shelf Life 30 Days

Who does not adore the sweet flavor of Jackfruits! Now imagine frying the nearly ripe flesh of a Jackfruit in pure oil that melts in your mouth and is crunchy at the same time. Nagercoil JackFruit chips have the absolute sweetness of a jackfruit while being crunchy and satisfying at the same time. Pulpy jackets are carefully handpicked, diced into slice juliennes, fried in coconut oil, salted, and sufficed with their unique golden glow. Experience the taste of crispy fresh Jackfruit chips from the land of Kanyakumari.

Jackfruit Chips - FAQ's

Jackfruit Chips are one of the favourite snack foods in Nagercoil, produced by deep frying the half ripe flesh (ripe flesh is more important)of the jackfruit. The jack fruit is cut into chips and toasted in coconut oil and pepper, salt or chilli is added to the chips. It is the best snack devoured with tea in the evening. This is the best tea time snack made out of ripe, jack fruits. Pulpy jackets are meticulously and carefully hand picked, diced into slender juliennes of around 4 to 5 mm thickness, deep fried in coconut oil, salted and sufficed with its unique golden glow.

Where is Jackfruit famous in Tamil Nadu?

Panruti is a budding city, municipality and taluk headquarters of Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India. Panruti is located between Cuddalore and Neyveli. Panruti is famous for jackfruits and cashew nuts. And it's here where jackfruit is famous and where we can get nice ripe jackfruits. 

How do you pick jackfruit chips?

First, You need to choose a jackfruit, which is completely grown but only half-ripe. And that is more important. If you keep this in a warm location for a few more days, you will get completely ripe sweet jackfruit fleshes.

Is jackfruit chips good for health?

Jackfruit chips are favourably healthy and good for fitness. They are fibre rich which assists in good digestion. Prosperous in fibre these even help in quick weight loss. Moreover, nutritional cooking choices like baking or roasting make them an ideal snack for weight loss.

What are jackfruit chips called?

Jackfruit Chips or Chakka Upperi is a favoured (and the best) teatime snack in South India. These are crispy, crunchy, and tasty and you must munch on them without a care in the world! Jackfruit Chips are a really popular snack and are prepared by deep frying half-ripe jackfruit flesh.


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Very Tasty and Crispy

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