Nagercoil Jackfruit Chips


Jackfruit Chips is one of the famous snack foods in Nagercoil, made by deep frying half-ripe flesh of the jackfruit. This is a very tasty, crispy and healthy snack food of nagercoil.

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Nagercoil Chips also called as Nenthirangai Chips or Ethangai Chips or Yellow Banana Chips. These banana chips are a quick crunch munch snack and of course all-time favorite for most of the people. Perfect to munch on during trips and during snack breaks. These banana chips are prepared from a specific species / variety of banana called Nenthirangai. These unripen bananas are de-skinned and sliced as thin wafer in round shape, mixed with Salt and Turmeric powder, dried in shade and finally deep fried in Coconut oil. Flavor, Color and aroma of these chips are just unique.

Shelf Life 30 Days
Product Type Veg
Location Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
Ingridients Edible Coconut Oil, Raw Jackfruit, Salted Water (Brine), Turmeric Powder