Pori Urundai
  • Pori Urundai

Pori Urundai

Pori Urundai / Puffed Rice Balls must be a nostalgic treat for everyone. Pori Urundai is a traditional South Indian sweet made with puffed rice, and jaggery and flavored with cardamom, and ginger powders. It is perfectly sweet n crispy.

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Product Type Veg
Location Tirunelveli
Ingridients Puffed Rice, Jaggery Syrup

Pori Urundai is a traditional and lite weighted South Indian sweet filled with flavor and packed with numerous health benefits. Traditionally made with puffed rice and jaggery, Pori Urandai is well known for its simple, yet tasty, recipe. The first step in the making of this delicacy is to heat jaggery for a few minutes in order to turn it into a liquid form that is free of impurities. Cooking the strained jaggery syrup for a few more minutes will harden the syrup and once it starts to harden into hard, firm balls, the pori is added to the mouth-watering batter. After that, all we got to do is to roll up our sleeves and shape these golden balls into the size we prefer, and then enjoy them to the fullest.

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