Mysore Pak Elite Gift Box

A fiery celebration awaits you with's Mysore Pak Elite Gift Box, which includes Karupatti Mysore Pak, and Ghee Mysore Pak.

Mysore Pak Elite Gift Box

 Karupatti Mysore Pak - 250gms | Ghee Mysore Pak - 250gms

Save ₹150

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Diwali Combo

In every household, there is a unique and specific list of sweets and snacks that are prepared during Diwali, in celebration of the festival of lights. A sweet that would top the list as the most sought-after sweet in every household would undoubtedly be the Mysore Pak, and it is not hard to see why. There is nothing like relishing the delicious Mysore Pak when the festive vibes of Diwali are in the air.’s authentic Mysore Pak Elite Gift Box includes 400 gms of Karupatti Mysore Pak, and Ghee Mysore Pak for a fiery celebration!

Mysore Pak Elite Gift Box

Karupatti Mysore Pak - 250gms | Ghee Mysore Pak - 250gms

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